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January 17, 2022




Our Wednesday evening group is studying the letter of Revelation of John to the seven churches in Asia Minor.  From the first chapter to the last chapter, John’s vision focuses on the Son of God, the Lamb slain, the Lord of lords and King of kings coming in judgment, the Bridegroom of the church, the Temple of God making His presence among the redeemed.  John’s unique relationship with Jesus, part of the three inner circle, gives him a perspective into the heart of God that others may have missed.


We, too, can have this unique experience through the person of the Holy Spirit.  God desires to make Himself known to us and to work in us accomplishing His purposes.  We do not need a glorified vision to experience all that Christ has to offer us.  All we need is to be available for those special unique visitations of God in our lives.  Today, this week, have opened eyes and heart to recognize the working of God in your life.   You, too, will see the Lamb of God.



Staying Kingdom Focused,


         Pastor Robb


Dr. Robert D. Hodson







Staying Kingdom Focused,Dr. Robert D. Hodsonchurch’s Vision Statement is “To Know Christ and to makeHim Known.”There are Four Directives for the believer in the word KNOWK = Kingdom FocusedN = New CreationO = Obedient FollowerW = Worshiper of God There are Five Functions of the Church in the word KNOWNK = Kingdom Advancement (Evangelism)N = New Life/Teaching (Discipleship)O = Others (FellowsW = Worshiping Community (Worship)

N = New Ministries (Missions)
Keeping the Main Thing the main thing.


Regular Schedule


   9:00 AM Sunday School 
  10:15 AM Service


  5:30 PM Praise Band
  5:30  PM   BLAST-Ages K-5th
  6:30 pm Revelation Bible
  6:30 pm  Choir
  7:00  pm  Collision Youth
   7:15 pm  Adoration & Praise






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